Necessario windows 10 - 2004 a 20H2

Não foi testado em outros!

EFT Week

EFT Month

* O valor pode alterar de acordo com o euro

* Isso é uma trapaça e pode ser detectado em algum momento, embora esteja seguro.



  • Supports Intel and AMD processors

  • Supports Windows 2004,20H2 and 2009 only

Player / Scav ESP

Enable ESP:

  • Box

  • Skeleton

  • Health

  • Nickname

  • Distance

  • Weapon

  • ESP Distance

Loot Esp:

Enable Loot Esp:

  • Loot Name

  • Loot Distance

  • Loot Price

  • Loot ESP Price

  • Loot ESP Distance

Enable Extraction ESP:

  • Extraction ESP Enable

  • Extraction Name

  • Extraction Distance

  • Extraction ESP Distance


  • Enable Aimbot

  • Aimbot Friend Check

  • Aimbot Visible Check

  • Aimbot Bone

  • Aimbot Key

  • Aimbot Fov

  • Aimbot Distance


  • Infinity Stamina

  • No breath

  • Speedhack

  • Unlock Doors (Risk function)

Misc Weapons:

  • Change Hands Fov

  • No Recoil

  • No Sway

  • No Spread

  • Instant Hit

Attention, after purchasing the key, you cannot return it!

Functions can be changed, added, removed. Also, some functions can be removed for a while.

* - When buying a cheat, you should understand that the use of this software is at your own peril and risk, the possibility of a ban or detection of a cheat for such a game sometimes happens

By purchasing this software, you agree to the rule that upon detection or complete closure of the project, you will not receive a refund!

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