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EFT Cheats & Hack

🟢 More stable | ⚪ Working | 🟤 Use At Own Risk | ❓ No Feedback

The status is updated according to user feedback and manually, it may not correspond to the current reality

EFT Shack


Aimbot, wallhack, hwidspoof, stream proof, item list, Windows 10 & 11

EFT Crooked


Aimbot, wallhack, radar, Windows 10 & 11


Aimbot, Wallhack, Item filter, no menu, Windows 10 & 11

EFT Ring

Aimbot, wallhack, item filter, hwid spoof, stream proof  (ONLY INTEL)

EFT Ancient

Only Chams, no recoil, no sway. Windows 10 & 11

EFT Atlas

Aimbot, stamina, spoofer and more


Only Chams, scavs/pmc Windows 10 & 11

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