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Warface Macro

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We made macros for the Warface game even better by adding an automatic weapon detection function and protecting the program with private assemblies for each client!

WARFACE MACROS is a private program with the best macros for the Warface game, which includes macros for all the necessary weapons with all sights and the function of automatically detecting weapons without introducing them into the gameplay and game files.

Works with any type of mouse and any gaming sensitivity!


Private building of the program for each user

Has automatic weapon detection function

Doesn't integrate into game processes and files

Works with all kinds of mice

Has an automatic system for updating macros

Has GUI support (on top of all windows)

Has support for sound effects

Has a function to randomize events so that each firing line is different

Has a Y-axis mouse inversion mode

Can work as a random process and in minimized mode

Has built-in help information

Has a simple setting (just specify the mouse sensitivity in the program)

Has a simple activation system that does not require registration

When purchasing this software by clicking on the "Buy" button, a link to a unique (private) program with a built-in activation key for 1 MONTH is offered as a product. This software, in fact, is a utility that helps to eliminate the "recoil of weapons" and can be used with any computer mouse on computers running the operating system of the Windows family. The performance of this software is demonstrated in the video clip.


Warface Macro
Warface Macro


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