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GTAV Flame

Features | Caracteristicas

Online options
Wallet -> Bank
Bank -> Wallet
All to bank
Request ammo - Запрос боеприпасов
Request boat evacuation - Запрос эвакуации лодкой
Request helicopter evacuation - Запрос эвакуации вертолетом
Request helicopter - Запрос вертолета
Request airstrike - Запрос воздушной атаки

Protections notifications
Toggle all
Block connections
Crash protection
Spoof Cargoplane model
Spoof Cargobob model
Zero R*ID protection
Rid crash potection
Sync crash protection
Remote crash protection
Block game version crash
FD remote crash protection
Block reports
Trap protection
Freeze protection
Explosions protection
PTFX protection
Request vehicle control protection
Remove weapons protection
Lobby weather/time protection
Stats protection
Object attach protection
Kick protection
Teleport protection
CEO kick/ban protection
Error spam protection
Send to mission protection
Vehicle kick protection
Sound spam protection
Bounty protection
Remote invite protection
Fake cash protection
Never wanted protection
Off the radar protection
Stealth mode
Full protection
Block all events


GTAV Flame
GTAV Flame


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