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BlueEsp Eft

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Private BLUE cheat for Escape From Tarkov. A good option for earning game currency, as well as for accompanying players on raids. In the software, you can see all people and loot.


Windows 10 1809 - 21H1 build
INTEL / AMD processor

Player ESP (Shows players)
Name ESP
2D Box
Skeleton (Shows the skeleton of the player)
Show Health
Distance ESP (Shows distance to targets)
Show Friendly
Item ESP:

Show loot (Shows things on the map)
Setting display distance
Setting the minimum price of an item to be displayed
Show Containters
Show Exists
Does not display empty boxes
Shows the contents of containers
Shows contents in bags
Shows contents in jackets
Sort items by price


BlueEsp Eft
BlueEsp Eft


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