Vahall Spoofer

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ENG: While we are finalizing the loader, the entire procedure will be done by the developer himself, but you need to do the 3 initial steps, read below. The lifetime option will be released along with the launch of the loader

BR: Enquanto estamos finalizando o loader, todo o procedimento será feito pelo proprio desenvolvedor, porém você precisa fazer os 3 passos iniciais, leia abaixo. A opção lifetime será liberado junto com o lançamento do loader


Working: Gigabyte, MSI, Asrock, Acer

Maybe: Asus, Colorful

No work: Dell, Razer, Lenovo


STEP 1 - Format the computer;

STEP 2 - Update your bios;

If you are on the latest version, downgrade to a lower one.

STEP 3 - Update drivers for your video card;

If you are on the latest version, downgrade to a lower one.

STEP 4 - Request your loader to the developer;

STEP 5 - Request authentication to the loader;

STEP 6 - Run loader

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