24h Key



Lifetime Key


You can unlock anything in Call of Duty: Warzone / Modern Warfare with just one key!


  • Weapons (blueprints, modules, sights, camouflages, amulets, stickers)

  • Business cards

  • Emblems

  • Gestures

  • Clock

  • Performers (appearance, finishing blows, phrases)

  • Vehicle painting

  • Music packs


  • After activation, all blueprints in the game will become available to you, select the desired blueprint through the kit editor (optionally hang tinsel in the form of camouflage, stickers and keychains) and save the weapon as your own blueprint   

  • You will also have access to all modules. Choose and customize the weapon you need - save the drawing. The blueprint you saved will be permanently registered in your inventory.

  • After you expose the artist, do not go into their choice anymore! (do not enter the performers tab without software !!!) so that the performer remains, you can only change the factions, and do not go into their choice, it will fly to the standard one !!

  • Weapons from the Black Ops Cold War series cannot be saved to your blueprint. You can customize the weapon and install it in the kit slot.



Supported processors: Intel, AMD
Supported OS: Windows 10 only x64
Supported assemblies: 10586,14393,15063,16299,17134,17763,1903 (18362), 1909 (18363), 2004 (19041), 19042 (20H2)


    VDS / VPS / VM servers are not supported
    Our software is compatible with PS / XBOX consoles


    There are no restrictions!

More about the key:

  • 1 key forever [Life time]

The key activates the license, which is valid for one PC * and 2 game accounts
Allows you to use the product an unlimited number of times for 2 game accounts (for one PC *) while the software is supported


  • when buying a Life time subscription, activation is available on 2 game accounts

  • when buying a Life time subscription, resetting the binding to a PC is available once a day


  • You purchase the software at your own risk.

  • Undetected status does not guarantee 100% protection against blocking (any software in any game can be banned).

  • If the game has an update, wait for the software update.

  • Use at your own risk.

  • By purchasing this software, you agree with the rule that upon detection or complete closure of the project, you will not receive a refund, and will not be linked to a new account!

  • By purchasing this software, you agree to the rule that if you block a game account, you will not receive a refund, and you will not be linked to a new account!

  • After updating the game with the addition of new sets, factions, etc., the addition to the Unlocker happens automatically!

  • Detailed information on installation and configuration is spelled out in the instructions for the software


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