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Features | Caracteristicas

BR: O toirplus no ano de 2020 foi o principal nome na cena, porém depois de dezembro 2020 passou por um periodo detectado, no momento há pessoas seguras e outras não

ENG: toirplus in the year 2020 was the main name on the scene, but after December 2020 it went through a period detected, at the moment there are safe people and others not

  • Program doesnt work on KR,CN and JP servers

Supported champions:

  • Several champions, but not all.   |  Vários campeões, não todos.


  • Orbwalk (lasthit, kiting, lane clear, harass)

  • Trackers

  • Champion Combo

  • Activator (zhonia, ignite, cleanses, hextech, everfrost, galeforce, barrier...)

  • Awarenes

  • Drawings

  • Evade

  • Champion assembly

  • Hwid Spoof




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