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SCUM Cheats & Hack

🟢 More stable | ⚪ Working | 🟤 Use At Own Risk | ❓ No Feedback

The status is updated according to user feedback and manually, it may not correspond to the current reality

Crooked Scum


Aimbot, wallhack, radar, loot list, no recoil, no spread, Windows10 & 11

Ring Scum


Aimbot, wallhack, loot, hwid spoof, radar. Windows 10 & 11 ( INTEL )

BCF Scum

Aimbot, radar, wallhack, no clip, no recoil, teleport. Windows 10 & 11

Crystal Scum

Aimbot, infinite stamina, ammo, speedhack. Windows 10 & 11

Hyde Scum

Aimbot, teleport, wallhack, item, colors

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