Cheat não foi detectado, só é vendido apos uma verificação do cliente, tem limite de slot para compra.

Rust Month

need slot!


* Cheats do rust não foram testados, não temos feedback sobre esses cheats, é apenas uma revenda com melhor preço para brasileiros.

Our private cheat, which is sold by slots to verified clients. For all the details, write to me at the contacts below:

This cheat works for about a year without detections. Sale only to verified clients. There is no hard aimbot in the software, the cheat is suitable for accurate play without bans.

Requirements for work:

  • The software works only on Windows 10 1903,1909, 2004 and 20H2

  • Intel and AMD processors supported

  • Present Built-in HWID SPOOFER

  • OBS Bypass (Can be streamed with cheat)

  • Panic Key (There is a button to instantly turn off the cheat)



  • Player/NPC:

  • Show Player/NPC

  • Show Name

  • Show Bones

  • Show Box

  • Show Sleeper

  • Visual Check

  • Show In Hand

  • Show Health

  • Team

  • Hide Team

  • Show Corpses

  • Distance

  • Distance Corpses

  • Show Corpses


  • Show Helicopter

  • Show Helicopter Health

  • Show Bradley

  • Show Bradley Health

  • Show Flyable Helicopter

  • Show Boats

  • Show Cars

  • Show Horses


  • Metal Ore

  • Sulfur Ore

  • Stone

  • Wood

  • Hemp

  • Mushrooms


  • Foodbox

  • Barrel

  • Crate

  • Crate Underwater

  • Crate Hackable

  • Dropped

  • Stash


  • Turrets

  • Supply Drop

  • Traps

  • Animals

  • Cupboards

  • Work Bench

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Show Home


  • Show all info on radar

  • Set home position on radar


  • Enable

  • Player Aimbot

  • NPC Aimbot

  • Helicopter Aimbot

  • Visible Only

  • Disable Team

  • Lock Next

  • Show FOV

  • Prediction

  • Bullet Drop

  • Aimkeys - You can choose 2 buttons with different bones


  • Show current game time

  • Debugcamera

  • Night Warning

  • Time Changer

  • Crosshair

  • Panic Key

Attention, after purchasing the key, you cannot return it!

Functions can be changed, added, removed. Also, some functions can be removed for a while.

* When buying a cheat, you should understand that the use of this software is at your own peril and risk, the possibility of a ban or detection of a cheat for such a game sometimes happens

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