Contém hwid spoofer incluso, e só funciona na versão 20h2 e 2009 do windows 10!

Rust Week


Rust Month


* Cheats do rust não foram testados, não temos feedback sobre esses cheats, é apenas uma revenda com melhor preço para brasileiros.

Rage hack for Rust.

  • Supports Intel and AMD processors

  • Supports Windows 20H2 and 2009 only

It also comes with a BUILT-IN HWID SPOOFER, DO NOT use any other spoofer while using disarray. Also, make sure steam is open and you are logged in before starting disarray. there will be a loading bar for disarray when starting your game.



  • full prediction

  • silent aim

  • head & body

  • thick bullet

  • smoothness & fov

  • custom key

  • fast shoot



  • player boxes, names & health

  • resources

  • items, loot & stashes

  • hotbars



  • anti recoil (0 - 100%)

  • no spread (shotguns too)

  • no sway

  • super jump

  • wall climbing

  • fly

  • no fall damage

  • full auto

  • debug cam

  • night vision & force day

  • x-ray

  • more ...

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