Cheat com radar, aimbot, anti spec, skinchanger, glow, loot esp e player esp.

Pubg Lite Mensal

* O valor pode alterar de acordo com o euro
* Esse cheat tem stream proof, não aparece na live/print



  •  Crosshair / Display crosshairs in the middle of the screen

  •  Name / Display nicknames

  •  Box / Display 2D squares around the players

  •  Bone / Display skeletons on players

  •  Health / Health Show strip players

  •  Line / Display lines to players

  •  Change Text Size / Change the size of the text for players


  •  Health / Display kits

  •  Health Top / Show only topend kits

  •  Armor / Armor Display

  •  Armor Top / Show only topend armor

  •  Weapon / weapon Display

  •  Weapon Top / Show only a top gun

  •  Attach / Display sights

  •  Attach Top / Show only top sights

  •  Grenade / Display grenades

  •  Car / Display technique

  •  Air / Display airdrop

  •  Key / Set a key to quickly enable or disable the display of loot

  •  Change Text Size / Change the size of the text for loot

To these functions to work, to be a weapon to add any "kit"
 Also they only work with aimbot

  •  No Recoil / Compensation off the recoil from weapons

  •  No Sway / Compensation off swinging weapons in sight

To work correctly, be sure to turn off the vertical synchronization 

  •  Aim / Activate aimbot

  •  Show Aim FOV / Display working radius aimbot

  •  Change Speed / Change the speed of aiming aimbot

  •  Change FOV / Change the radius of the aimbot

  •  Change Key / Change key for aimbot operation

  •  Change Bone / Change body part for aiming aimbot



  •  Draw Radar / Radar Display

  •  Change Position / Change the position of the radar

  •  Change Size Value / Change the size of the radar

  •  Change Scale Value / Change the scale of the radar

  •  Change Box Alpha / Change the transparency of the radar

  •  Change Text Size / Change the size of the text for the radar


  •  Menu the "F6" or "Home" key

  •  Panic button "End


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