Cavebot Private

* Options marked with asteristics are ADDITIONAL!


Hunting PK

Hunting PK always makes you UE on top of other players, there is a protection with a limit of frags, however when this option is active there is a danger of red.

* The whole script adapts to hunting pk

UE Safe

Ue safe makes you u on top of players you won't get skull, these players are friends, enemys, party or skull

Attack Monster Hp Low

This function makes you attack the monster with the lowest hp, so if you are surrounded and with little mana it forces you to finish a monster to decrease the suffocation.

White Skull

Skull miss mode, using exana pox, exana flam or destroy field. Menu option to limit maximum times that will allow you to grab skull and log out if you reach the maximum.

* Go to a specific location to lose the skull


System with floor verification (+1 and -1), frags, players, skull. Fully PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION ..

* Pk Hunting Frags Counter (Info below)


* Escape to a safe area if someone attacks. With option in the menu to limit times that will return to the basement, upon reaching limit off.

* Option to go to the trainer for time set in the menu.

Loot e Refill

Selling the whole loot without need is with the backpack open, counting smart. Refill with quantity set in the menu, buying exact quantity.

* Save loot in depot or backpack order refill

Hunting Without Screen Player

Hunting without a player on screen causes you to turn off the target until you find a place where you have no player and have 2+ monsters. In addition you can set options in the menu as time that will remain with the player on screen before turning off the target and time that will be "running" with target off.

* Seconds to rewire target, option to rewire after x seconds, putting you in the middle of the respawn!


Death limit and time after death set in the menu.

* Option to go to the trainer after a death and stay there until X time.


Time to go on the trainer restore the stamina set in the menu, the char comes out of the basement and goes to the trainer! You set the stamina time to go and get out!

Servers with trainers around? We have hks to attack the exact trainer you are in!

Loot e Refill

Selling the whole loot without need is with the backpack open, counting smart. Refill with quantity set in the menu, buying exact quantity.

* Save loot in depot or backpack order refill

Ingnore Monster Full Hp

This option makes sure that if you are hunting only when you have 2+ monsters around, it checks when you have only 1 and it is still full! Thus making him go to the next location to try and regret one more.

Attack monster far away

This function makes him try to attack the monster as far as possible, causing him to lure ever more and more and stay in the middle

*Attack Monster Full Hp

This option is good for fast atk baiaks (500x +), it makes you always focus on the monster with more hp .. So you leave everyone in the red while the magic finishes killing others around.


Defined spells to best enjoy the hunt, changing spell if needed to get a hunt with all possible protections.

Cave Mode

Option included in some cellars that have ways to make several circuits or have many floors. So you can define which floor or circuit you want to do. Nearly 2 or more basements in a script.


Information on screen for various things like kills, limit, surrounding players, block spell, cave mode, * frags, vocation, and many other things.

Force exit by cap

It makes the cavebot even in the middle of the cave check the cap and if the cap is already smaller than indicated in the menu, it makes the script exit from the middle of the cave. Good option for puffer.

Any additional actions
Don't hold on to the actions below, your idea can become a script!

* New - Option to give magic even with specific players on screen (PK Players, war against you, friend with war system)
* New - Frag counter compatible with pk hunt option [below]
* New - Pk hunting option to avoid wasting time losing pk and hunt again
* New - Option to add X time to reconnect the target, thus getting in the middle of the respawn and getting in the middle of the monsters
* New - Now at Server Save time the script reconnects only after 10 minutes later, thus avoiding debugging.
* New - Script with time to hunt and time to go training, good for ots with mt people or for sharing respawn.
* New - Option to log out if killed by a player, if not, reconnects following the info below.
* New - By giving some pk a chance to go to the trainer and stay there for X minutes then come back.

⚫ Sentry at the basement entrance that sends a message to the main char and initiates an escape

⚫ Pk escape, if someone attacks he goes to an area and waits X minutes before coming back.

⚫ Local X-Protection, NEVER make area magic in a specific location or Rings in specific locations

⚫ Randomly change cave to teleported servers, enter and if there are people he will go to the next, or hunt in one location if player appears he changes cave

⚫ Repot 100% ie most servers have a bug that says you are out of cap but not, with elfbot we can buy FULL CAP from x item without bugar

⚫ Put X items in depot, with backpacks arranged

⚫ Long hunts can cause cavebot bugs and pauses, but with verification intelligence we can make the bot return only a few sqms so it can reach its destination.

⚫Pot at strategic locations, we create strategic locations to stop the cavebot and pot up to X mana and then proceed further, eg Do this before descending into a dangerous location.

Script Menu Example

in pt/brazil

NOTE: The word "Sim"is equal to yes  and  "Nao" is equal to no.





===================================== MENU =============================================
set $Vocacao Auto                                             (vocation, auto / sorcerer / druid / knight / paladin)
set $Usar_Spell Sim                                           (use ue area magic)
set $Conferir_Andar Sim                                   (check floors) 
set $Usar_ChangeGold Sim                              (use change gold)
set $Usar_PotionMana_Inteligente Sim           (use smart portion, only mana)

=========================== Configuração de caçar sem player na tela ============================

this option links the bottom ones.

set $CacarSem_PlayerNa_Tela Nao                (hunt without a player on the screen, always looking for 2 or more monsters) 
set $Segundos_Sair_Tela_Player 3                 (seconds remain on the player's screen to wait for him to leave)
set $Segundos_Ficar_Fugindo_Player 2        (seconds to run away from the player after turning off the target)
set $Ignorar_Monster_HighLife Nao               (ignore monster with more than half hp)
set $Atacar_Low_Hp Sim                                 (attack monster with lower hp)
set $Atacar_Monster_Longe Nao                    (attack furthest monster from me)

====================================== Cave Mode ===================================================
set $Cave_Mode 0                            (basement circuit options, when available)
set $Spell_NoPlayer_Safe Nao        (use magic (ue) on players who won't get you pk)
set $Cacar_Dando_Pk Nao              (hunt using magic all the time, even when you’re pk  (WARNING RED))
set $Limite_De_Frags 2                    (frag limit, protection for the above function)

============================== Config of Mages =======================================
set $BuyGMP 300
set $BuySD 500
set $LeaveGMP 200
set $LeaveSD 300

============================== Config of Paladin ======================================
set $BuyGSP 400
set $buypSD 300
set $buySMP 300
set $LeaveGSP 150
set $LeavepSD 150
set $LeaveSMP 100

============================== Config of Knight =======================================
set $BuyUHP 300
set $BuyGHP 0
set $BuyMP 500
set $LeaveUHP 100
set $LeaveGHP 0
set $LeaveMP 150

============================== Config of deaths =======================================
set $Esperar_TempoApos_Morte 15             (wait time after a death)
set $Limite_Maximo_DeMorte 3                    (maximum death limit)

============================== Config of white skull ===================================
set $Deslogar_Quando_Pegar_PK Nao      (log out when you get pk)
set $VoltarUE_Quando_PerderPk Sim        (return to area magic when you lose pk)
set $Deslogar_SePegarPk_Xvezes 5          (log out if you get pk how many times)
set $Ligar_Alarm Sim                                     (turn on alarm)

============================= Config Stamina and Trainer ==================================
set $Ir_Treiner_Com_Stamina 15        (go train with stamina below)
set $Stamina_Sair_Trainer 42             (leave trainer with stamina below)

====================================== Bless e Aol ===========================================
set $Usar_Comando_Aol Sim               (use command aol - Sim = Yes // Nao = No)
set $Usar_Comando_Bless Sim           (use command bless - Sim = Yes // Nao = No)
set $Level_Usar_Bless 100                   (level to use bless)
set $Level_Usar_Aol 100                      (level to use aol)

================================ Config of scape (when available) =======================================
set $Quantidade_Enemy_Correr 2      (amount of enemy to run)
set $Tempo_Ficar_Pz 30                      (time to stay in the pz)
set $Deslogar_Depois_Quantas 5       (log out after how many times you run)