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Best choice, safety and quality. official dealer.


Cheat by shack, private cheat developed by a small community

Price | Preços

If need help send message in discord!


We present to your attention SHACK is one of the slot closed private cheats for Fortnite with a minimum chance of detection.

  • Supported processors: Intel & AMD

  • Supported OS: Windows 10 & 11



  • Names

  • Health

  • Distance

  • Boxes

  • Lines

  • Visible Check

  • Show Team



  • Aim Target: [Head, Neck & Chest]

  • FOV: [1-300]

  • Visible Check

  • Distance Aim: [10-1000m]

  • Smooth: [1-100]


Anti-Cheat Support

  • Easy anti cheat

  • Battleye anti cheat

  • Stream Proof

  • Hwid spoof included eac/be

  • Tournament version




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