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DevilScript is a completely external League of Legends Script / LoL Script made for scripters who want an advantage without risking their account. Our LoL Script has been Undetected for over 3 Years thanks to our advanced anti-anti-cheat technology.

Unlike our competition, we offer support for all resolutions and allow users to play with free camera while kiting. We are not just an orbwalker, but offer all sorts of fully external features with an unbeatable performance!

  • Perfect Orbwalker (With Free Camera)

  • Manual Wardtracker (Minimap)

  • Manual Spell & Item Tracker

  • Auto Heal / Auto Barrier

  • Enemytracker (Last seen with move radius)

  • Jungle / Inhib / Baron / Drake timer

  • Aheadness Tracker (Calculated Teamgold)

  • Small hints / tips


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