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Collapse DBD, many functions and low price for all regions.

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Working private cheat for the game Dead by Daylight - Collapse Hack

Reliable program for the game DBD from a reliable developer of private cheats that are posted on our resource. By purchasing this product , you will provide yourself with regular updates and full protection from blocking your account. Take advantage of online payment right now and start winning your favorite game.

  • Game Version: Steam last

  • Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS only x64: Windows 10 (1903,1909,2004,20H2,21H1), Windows 11

  • Supported processors | Supports processors: Intel, AMD

  • Supported Modes: Full screen window and Windowed and Full screen

  • Bypass OBS: ✔

  • Anticheat: EAC



  • Killer - highlighting the killer

  • Distance - distance to the killer

  • Survivor - highlighting survivors

  • Health State-Highlighting the amount of health

  • Distance - distance to the survivor

  • Hatch-hatch Lighting

  • Is Open-hatch Status

  • Distance - distance to the hatch

  • Totem - highlighting totems

  • Show Hex-hexagon Illumination

  • Distance - distance to totems

  • Generator-Highlighting of generators

  • Repair % - repair of the generator in %

  • Distance - the distance to the generators

  • Trap - highlighting traps

  • Is activated-trap Status

  • Distance - distance to the trap

  • Pallet-pallet Lighting

  • Used pallet filter - highlighting the use of pallets

  • Distance - distance to pallets

  • Chest-Highlighting loot boxes


  • Easy skill Checks-checking skills

  • No Knock - No fall


  • Killer - color of the killer

  • Hatch-hatch Color

  • Totem - totem Color

  • Generator - color of generators

  • Trap - color of traps

  • Pallet - color of pallets

  • Chest - color of loot boxes


- Added Box
- Added Skeleton
- Added rank display
- Added the display of perks and their levels
- Added character display, as well as his current level and prestige
- Added unlocking of all skins
- Added the display of the names of perks in the totem
- Fixed incorrect display of distance when watching a player
- Removed spoofer

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