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Best cheat for dayz, shack, aimbot, silent aimbot, esp, full configuration.

Price | Preços

​Prices in BRL are only for Brazilians, if you are from another country use prices in dollars!


Cheat DAYZ SHACK buy at a bargain price

HWID SPOOF included in loader

We offer to buy a private cheat for DAYZ SHACK on our ciroscript website, we only have working cheats, no viruses, no ban.


System requirements:

  • AMD & Intel

  • Windows 10 & 11


  • Names

  • Distance

  • 2D Boxes

  • Line

  • Skeleton

  • Holding object

  • Maximum distance



  • Zombies

  • 2D box zombies

  • Skeleton Zombies

  • Animals

  • Cars

  • Food

  • Clothes

  • Life kits

  • Containers

  • Backpacks

  • Stash's

  • Player builds

  • Weapons

  • Suppressors

  • Sights

  • Magazines

  • Grenades

  • Zombies maximum distance

  • food maximum distance

  • Containers maximum distance

  • Player Buildings Maximum Distance



  • Crosshair

  • Hotkeys

  • FPS

  • ESP font size

  • Bold font option.

  • Speed modifier

  • Unlocking all DLC



  • FOV

  • FOV Size

  • Silent Aim

  • Target Player

  • Target Zombie

  • Aimbot Key

  • Aimbot Bone

  • Maximum Distance.



  • Support for all screen models (Fullscreen, Fullscreen in window, window)

  • Support changing game resolution without having to restart the game.

  • Support for Streaming. (No esp appears on the screen).

  • Hwid spoof included on loader

Videos / Fotos

Os videos com mais detalhes foram excluidos pela bohemia, esses videos são uma pequena demonstração.

The videos with more details were excluded by the bohemia, these videos are a small demonstration.



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