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Complete cheat with many functions, collapse apex is good cheat!

Preços | Prices

Cis/Br Keys

Global keys

The difference in prices is due to the purchasing power of each country, the value is defined by the developer


Private software for Apex Legends with good functionality.

  • Game Version | Game version: Origin, Steam

  • Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10 (version all) [Corporate Windows is not supported]

  • Supported processors | Supports Processors: Intel, AMD

  • Supported Modes | Supported modes: Bolderless, Windowed

  • Anticheat | Anti-cheat: EAC

  • bypassing the recording stream: ✔


Functional | Functional:




  • Active - Enable player esp

  • Box - Highlighting players with squares

  • Name - Highlighting the nickname of the Players

  • Weapon - Illumination of weapons in the hands of Players

  • Glow - Highlighting the player with a fill

  • Status - Highlighting the player's status (knocked out or not)

  • Distance - Illumination of distance to players and selection of distance of illumination of players

  • Health - Highlighting and choosing the location of the armor and health bar



  • Active - Enable loot esp

  • Box - Highlighting players with squares

  • Name - Name of the loot

  • Weapon - Weapon Highlight

  • Ammo - Ammo illumination

  • Heal - Medicine Highlight

  • Equipment - Highlighting helmets and armor

  • Grenade - Illuminated grenades

  • Attachement - Illumination of attachments for weapons

  • Min lvl - Select the minimum level for highlighting loot

  • Distance - Highlighting the distance to the loot and choosing the distance for highlighting the loot



  • Active - Enable loot esp

  • Dead Box - Corpses of players

  • Distance - Illumination of the distance to corpses and selection of the distance of illumination of corpses



  • Active - enable aim

  • Bind - Aim button selection

  • Visible check - Check for visibility

  • Fov - Aimbot pickup radius

  • Distance - the distance of the aimbot

  • Smooth - Smooth aiming aimbot

  • Bone - Selecting the aim button



  • Draw FOV - Show the focusing radius

  • Draw Crosshair - Crosshair centered on screen

  • RCS - Weapon Recoil Control 0-100%



  • Visible Player - Changes the colors of visible players

  • Hidden Player - Changes to colors of invisible players

  • Crosshair - Crosshair Color Changes

  • Fov - Changes the fov color of the circle

Videos / Fotos



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