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WOWS Warpack

Features | Caracteristicas

Supported game modes:Windowed,Borderless,Fullscreen
Supported CPU:Intel & AMD
Supported OC:Windows 10

Warpack World of Warships features.

Currently includes the following mods:

Lead point - Aim

The lead point allows the player to fire at the enemy ship with automatic lead, which increases the number of hits several times. The player can choose both straight and combined lead. It is most convenient to use in conjunction with an auto-shot. Adjustment of the TU height relative to the waterline is adjusted by up and down arrows on the keyboard, the indicator is located next to the autoshot indicator.).
Torpedo lines

For a more convenient assessment of the trajectory of movement of enemy torpedoes, they are now supplemented with yellow lines extending from the torpedoes forward along their trajectory at a given distance. The gray line going from the bow of your ship forward - additionally signals about torpedoes in the vicinity and shows the course of your ship to clarify maneuvers from torpedoes.
Automatic firing of guns

Auto Shot is a mod that will automatically fire shots at a locked target. This one works in tandem with the lead point mod. Also, the player can choose the "cascade" firing mode or "volley" shots.
Tracer Lines - Rainbow

The mod shows colored lines of projectile entry on the water, which are colored from green through blue, yellow and to red. The faster the color turns to red, the less time you have for maneuver. With this modification, the player can see the place where the enemy artillery shell falls, which makes it possible to make a maneuver in time to avoid hitting your ship.
Artillery sight (top view of the sight)

Convenient for long distances. Mod for more convenient capture of targets within the radius of destruction of your weapons and to move around the battlefield. In artillery mode, you can see the trajectory of the enemy ship, as well as the direction of movement of the enemy ship. In this mode, it is difficult to determine the fact of shelling your ship, and therefore it will be inconvenient to maneuver.
Guidance line for your guns

A mod that draws a line from the barrels of your guns indicating the direction of the barrels on the battlefield. If necessary, this mod can be disabled through the setting.xml settings file.
Using mods:

How do I launch Warpack World of Warships?
Download the Warpack archive
Unpack the archive anywhere on your PC.
Run the warpack file
In the key line: specify the received key
In the line "Path to file" specify your path to the game file
to do this, click on the button at the end of the line (button and three dots)
Then click the "Launch the game" button
The port should display WARPACK at the top left

"RMB" (right mouse button) - auto-lock target
"P" Enable / disable autoshot
"O" switching between straight and combined feedforward
"MMB" - Artillery mode (top view)
"]" (In the Russian layout, this is a solid sign "b") - switching the type of shot.
"L" - enable / disable "rainbow"
"Ctr + Alt + Shift + W" hides the warpack label at the top left of the screen


WOWS Warpack
WOWS Warpack


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