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Warthunder BCF

Features | Caracteristicas

Supported game version: Game launcher (x64 only) / Steam (x64 only)
Supported Game Mode: Windowed / Windowed
Supported OS: Windows 10 (1903/1909)
Supported anti-cheats: ARCADE, NOT SUPPORT EAC
Supported Processors: Intel & Amd

This cheat is relevant ONLY for ground vehicles.
This cheat is relevant ONLY for ground equipment.
Play very carefully, bans are possible for playing too frankly
This article is also required to read


Show ally units / Display allies
Show enemy units / Display opponents
Show bombs / Display bomb
Show rockets / missiles Show
Bombsight marker / Display bombsight

- Lead Marker
- Lead Marker On Aircraft
- Lead Marker On Tank
- Lead Marker Aim On Body Center
- Lead Marker Draw Line
- Lead Marker Thickened
- Lead Marker Active Distance
- Lead Marker Size
- Lead Marker Key
- Lead Marker Color

*** ESP works when opponents are in the light (the mechanics of the game are such that the appearance of a model of enemy equipment and its display on the client's screen is controlled by the server, which receives data from the player's camera from the client: coordinates, viewing angle, direction of view, etc. Server performs calculations, the results of which determines whether the player can see a particular model equipment)
In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

O ESP funciona quando os inimigos estão à vista (a mecânica do jogo é que a aparência modela dos veículos inimigos e a envia na tela do cliente gerencia o servidor que recebe os dados da câmera do jogador: posição, ângulo, direção, etc. O servidor realiza cálculos, os resultados dos quais determinam se um jogador pode ver um determinado modelo de equipamento)

Basicamente é uma ajuda para conseguir enxergar os inimigos.

Font size / Change text size
Nickname / Display the names of the players
Enginery / displays the name of art
Distanc / Display distance to the art
Model cnter point / Display circle in the center of the model equipment

Enemy Color / Change the display color for the opponents
Friend Color / Change the display color for the Allies
Bombsight Marker Color / Change the display color for the bombsight

Menu the "F6" or " Home" key / The menu is the key "F6" or "Home"
Panic key for all cheat "DEL " key / To turn off all cheat press the key "DEL"


Warthunder BCF
Warthunder BCF


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Warthunder BCF Cheat - Only esp and only work in arcade mode - CiroScript

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