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Windows: Windows 10 version from 1903 and newer, all stable Windows 11 builds including 23h2 are supported. Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds is not supported.
Processors: Intel and AMD processors are both supported.
Note: VDS/VPS/VM servers are not supported.
Battle & Steam

« This tool remains online even while all other tools are offline. »

I provide RUAVT keys that's HWID locked, but not locked to any accounts, it means you can use your RUAVT key with different accounts, but on the same PC.
I am performing a HWID reset for RUAVT keys if you need.

Works all the time, without sensors and UAVs
Auto-update: RUAVT is automatically updated after every game update, no need to wait, you can use it right away.
Stability: RUAVT has 100% uptime, 24 hours/7 days a week.
Spectators: No, other people in the game cannot see your UAV.
Streamproof: No, RUAVT is visible on stream and screen recording, other people in the game cannot see your UAV.
Spoofers: Compatible with spoofers/cleaners (like infinity, ghostaim), but not compatible with patched Windows boot-loader (like from using artificialaiming (AA) spoofer).

How to use UAV:
Press F2 on your keyboard on the game mode selection screen or in the main lobby of any game mode MW (i.e before searching for a match) to activate UAV.

Please note: I highly recommend you to use a spoofer or cleaner (the software that resets all your PC's IDs to random values and the game client sees your PC as brand new when the game starts), even if you haven't had shadow or perm bans before, especially if you want to use RUT on multiple yours/someone else accounts - any working spoofer is guaranteed to reduce the chance of getting any random shadow bans (ping 350ms for 5-7 days) or perm banned.
If one of your game accounts or PC at least once received a shadow or perm ban, then you MUST use a spoofer to avoid blocking your other accounts.

My tools is currently used (as of 12.2023) on more than 100 000+ accounts.
Version of MWIII 2023: The latest, supports both




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