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Rust Unfair

Features | Caracteristicas

Good Performance / Safe

Custom ESP Colors / Custom Item ESP Colors
Draw; FPS, Time, Resolution

[Player ESP]
Bounding Box
2D Line
Head Dot
Dot Size
Show Team
Show Enemy
Show Sleepers
Max Distance (0 to 1200)
Visibility Check

[Item ESP]
Collectables (Hemp, Mushroon, Pumpkin, Corn)
Pickups (Wood, Stone, Metal, Sulfur)
Ores (Metal Ore, Stone Ore, Sulfur Ore)
Creats (Tool Create, Normal Create, Military Create, Elite Create, Barrel)
Traps (Snap Trap, Shotgun Trap, Auto Turret, Flame Turret, Landmine, Sam Site, Wooden Spike)
Animals (Bear, Wolf, Boar, Stag, Horse)
Others (Storage Box, Airdrop, Bradley, Helicopter, Tool Cupboard)

Style (Fov, Distance, Lowest HP)
Target (Head, Neck, Chest)
Smooth (1 to 10)
Field of View
FOV Size
Recoil Control System
Aim Prediction
Visibility Check
Various Aim Keys

No Recoil
Recoil Value Modifier (0 to 30)
No Spread
Double Jump
Spider Man
No Fall Damage
Always Day
Instant EOKA
Rapid Fire for Bow
Water Boost (Fast Swim)
Admin Mode (Debug Cam, No Clip and all other Admin permissions.)


Rust Unfair
Rust Unfair


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