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Rust Rjext

Features | Caracteristicas

Adjusting the aiming radius [FOV]
No recoil
No spread
Selecting a part of the body [Hands, body, neck, head]

Display of skeletons of players, scientists, bandits Lines to players
Display of objects lying on the ground
Vehicle display (Copters, horses, boats)
Display of a tank, helicopter
Display of cabinets, drawers
Displaying stones, collected resources
Display of caches, including buried

The ability to climb walls / mountains / slopes
No fall damage
Double jump
Debug camera
Walking on water
Eternal day
Admin mode
Full shipment of the cheat by pressing a key


Rust Rjext
Rust Rjext


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Rust Rjext Cheat - Aimbot, esp, misc and admin mode - CiroScript

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