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RainbowSix GOD

Features | Caracteristicas

Support all windows 10 versions
Support Intel + AMD
Loader AutoUpdate

Show Team On/off
Show Skeleton On/off (colors)
Show Box On/off (colors)
Show Info On/off
Show Radar On/off
Show Range On/off

Aimbot On/off
Smooth On/off
Aimbot Bones: Neck, Spine
Aimbot FOV
Aimbot Speed
Aimbot Keys: Left mouse, Right mouse, Shift, Ctrl, Q/E, Shift+Left mouse, Shift+Right mouse, Mouse up(side mouse button 5), Mouse down (side mouse button 4)
Aimbot no recoil + no spread included automatic when shooting with aim locked


RainbowSix GOD
RainbowSix GOD


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