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Quantum Rust

Features | Caracteristicas

Windowed, Borderless, Fullscreen
Intel & AMD
Windows 10, 11 (22H2 not recommended)
Hwid Spoofer included
Any working spoofer must be used (running software without spoofer = ban)
Unique bypass Internal

Enable Aimbot, Enable pSilent, PSilentBone Selector, HitChance for pSilent, Smoothing, RecoilComp, Prediction, BoneOverride (Head), WeakspotOverride (Heli), DrawFov, Crosshair, Aim Key Selector, Aimbone Selector, FOV Slider, Smooth Slider, Distance Slider

Players, Chams, Team, Enemy, Scientist, Visibility Check, Sleepers, Wounded, Safezone, Corpse, Backpack, TargetMarket, Radar, Names, Healthbar, HealthValue, Skeleton, Box, HeldItem, TeamID, Hotbar, Clothing, ViewDirection, Distance Slider, Radar Cross Color, Radar Outline Color, Radar Circle/Square, Radar Zoom, Friend System, Enemy System

Animals, Bear, Stag, Wolf, Boar, Horse, Shark, Draw Distance, Radtown, Normal Crate, Military Crate, Elite Crate, Tool Crate, Adv Water Crate, Basic Water Crate, Medical Crate, Food Crate, Basic Crate, Oil Barrel, Blue Barrel, Draw Distance, Traps, Auto Turret, Shotgun Trap, Sam Site, Flame Trap, Snap Trap, Land Mine, Draw Distance

Ores, StoneOre, MetalOre, SulfurOre, Draw Distance, Collectables, Hemp, Candy, Stone, Metal, Sulfur, Corn, Mushroom, Pumpkin, Potato, Wood, Blackberry, Blueberry, Greenberry, Redberry, Whiteberry, Yellowberry, Disel, Draw Distance

World Items, Raids, Dropped Items, Dropped Weapons, Cupboard, Sleeping Bag, Hidden Stash, Stash, Supply Drop, Caves, WorkBenches, Cargo Ship, Locked Crate, RFBroadcaster, RFReceiver, Patrol Heli, Bradley, RHIB, Rowboat, Minicopter, ScrapHeli, Submarine, Draw Distance

Guns, Recoil, Recoil X Slider, Recoil Y Slider, Full Auto, No Sway, No Spread, Projectile Speed Slider, Can Shoot, Weapon Spammer, No Bolt Cycle, Instant Eoka, Fast Fire, Unlock Angle, Aim In Mountable, Melee, NoMeleeSlowdown, 2xMeleeDistance, Bow, No Aimcone, Fast Bow, Instant Charge, No Movement Penatly

Movement Features, Admin Mode, Flyhack, Interactive Noclip, On Ladder, Omnisprint, Spiderman, InfJump, Walk On Water, Spinbot, Autorun, ViewOffsets, FakeLag, Increase Height, Instant Features, Instant Loot, Instant Revive, Instant Drink, Instant Heal, Removals, No Fall, No Slowdown, No Aimblock, No Blackout, No Collision

Sky Effects, Dayhack, Sky Changer, Ambient, Bright Stars, Removals, No Rain, No Fog, No Wind, No Water Blur, Automatic, Auto Farm Ore, Auto Farm Tree, Auto Melee, Auto Collect, Auto Clone, Auto Knock, Auto Lock Code, Auto Auth Code, Auto Upgrade, Auto Suicide, Auto Mass Suicide, Auto Open, Auto Free Crates, Misc, Rotate, FOV Changer


Quantum Rust
Quantum Rust


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