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PlanB Rust

Features | Caracteristicas

Windows 10 (1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2, 22H2)
Borderless, Windowed

[Aimbot Settings]
PSilent with key and prediction, PSilent melee with key and prediction, Memory aimbot with key and prediction, Targetting features & exploits work for all world entities, Target fov, Visible check, Target friends, Target patrol-heli l, Hitbox override V, Aimbone (Head/Upper body/Body/Pelvis/Legs/Closest to crosshair/Random), Silent melee, Hit Chance, Force heli-weakspot, Weapon spam with key, Snapline visible color, Snapline invisible color, Hitpoints & colors

Automatic, No recoil, Rapid fire, Fire rate, Remove shoot restrictions, Auto shoot, Fast bow, No sway, Auto reload, Instant eoka, Lock target with key, Spread %, Thick bullets, Thickness (0 - 2.2m), Velocity scale (manual / automatic), Long hand, Glass effect on hit

Minimum desync (for instant kills), Magic heli, Manipulator with key (adjustment sliders), Bullet tp (instant hit) (adjustment sliders), Double-tap (instant kill), Bullet queue, Pierce, Target behind wall, Mounted magic bullet, Hammer spam with key

ESP Enabler, Raid ESP (any distance), NPC, Sleepers, Corpses, Show name, Show distance, Draw skeleton, Draw look direction, Draw hotbar, Draw attire, Health bar None / Side / Bottom / Fill box / Text, Box type Full / Corners / 3D Cube / 3D Box, Draw friends, Target flag, Friend flag, Wounded flag, Held item flag, Player chams, world entity chams (dropped items etc), hand chams:, None / Normal / Seethrough / Wireframe / Lit / Force field / Hologram / Light ramp / Galaxy / UCLA Wireframe, Player list, Entity boxes color, Entity invisible color, Entity chams visible color, Entity chams invisible color, Entity name color, Entity name invisible color, Entity distance color, Entity distance invisible color, Entity flags color, Entity flags invisible color, Player fov color, Bullet tracers, Visual thick bullet, Zoom with key, Custom time, Star brightness, Star size, Moon size, Sun size, Nightness, Rayleigh, Day color, Night color, Menu accent, Rainbow accent, Movement line, Hitpoints, Hit logs, Crosshair 1, Crosshair 2, Crosshair 3, Swastika crosshair, Draw target fov, ESP font size, Snapline:, None / Top / Center / Bottom, Manipulator angles, Keybinds, Flyhack indicator, Reload indicator, Desync indicator, Targetted indicator, Double tap indicator

Cursor lock on menu open, Omnisprint, Spiderman, Big jump, Teleport 5.5m, Blink 5.5m, Infinite jump, Stand on head/Spin around head, Walk to target, Freeze on desync, Timescale, Anti-recycler, Turn off recyclers, Pickup collectibles, Pickup dropped items, Instant med, Instant revive, Revive friends only, Fast loot, Interactive debug with key, Suicide with key, Long neck with key, No collisions, Fake admin, Fakelag, Anti-aim, none / backwards / backwards (down) / backwards (up) / left / left (down) / left (up) / right / right (down) / right (up) / spin up / spin (down) / random, Spin speed, Auto-farm, None / Wood / Stone / Metal / Sulfur / Barrels, Auto upgrade, Wood / Stone / Metal / Armored, Capsule Height, Capsule Center, Capsule Height Ducked, Capsule Center Ducked, Capsule Radius with key, Snake game, Tooltips, Anti-flyhack, Anti-deathbarrier, Climb assist with key, Silent stash-open with key, Auto refill jackhammers, Desync with key, Swastika infront of player while holding hammer, Spawn water effect on player and blind while holding hammer, Snake game, Player list

World items:
Stash, Stone collectible, Metal collectable, Sulfur collectable, Wood collectable, Berries, Hemp, Stone Ore, Metal Ore, Sulfur Ore, Dropped Item, Loot Barrel 1, Loot Barrel 2, Basic Crate, Normal Crate, Elite Crate, Tugboat, Bradley Crate, Locked Crate, Locked Oilrig Crate, Bradley, Patrol heli, Kayak, Rhib, Rowboat, Minicopter, Scrap heli, Chinook Helicopter, Attack heli, Wolf, Boar, Bear, Horse, Flame Turret, Landmine, Sam Site, Shotgun Trap, Snap Trap, Wooden Floor Spikes, Auto Turret, Sleeping Bag, Tool Cupboard


PlanB Rust
PlanB Rust


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