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NewWorld BOT

Features | Caracteristicas


Bot features:

free test sessions (4-5 minutes each)
simple and straightforward to use (video + support)
supports permissions
human behavior (not embedded in the client's technical processes)
uses standard WinAPI functions to capture and analyze screen, making it optimized and very fast
emulates all keyboard and mouse actions through the driver
What the bot can do at the moment:

position yourself in the game
run along a given route
collect resources
instrument repair
when filling up inventory, return to the city for unloading at the warehouse
farm mobs on the route (melee weapon preferably hatchet)
collecting drop/skins
*There is a free profile - which people wrote. You can get them for free.


NewWorld BOT
NewWorld BOT


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BOT FOR NEW WORLD - New World farm bot - CiroScri´t

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