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HwidSpoof PUBG Crooked

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Introducing the new HWID Spoofer product for PUBG

System requirements:
Supported processors: Intel, AMD
Supported OS: Windows 10-11 x64
Supported builds: 1903(18362), 1909(18363), 2004(19041), 20H2(19042), 21H1(19043), 21H2(19044), 21H2 build 22000

We remind you that you must understand what you are getting into when playing with the software!!!

You acquire and use the Software at your own risk.
Undetected status does not guarantee 100% protection against blocking (with any cheat in any game, a ban is possible).
If the update is in the game, wait for the software update.
By purchasing this software, you agree to the rule that if the project is detected or completely closed, you will not receive a refund!
By purchasing this software, you agree to the rule that if you block your game account, you will not receive a refund!
It is not possible to exchange a key for another software (game)
Additional Information:

Works in games: PUBG
If you use Spoofer and cheat at the same time .. first run the cheat, and then run Spoofer (you need to restart the PC before this)
Removes the ban on the iron before rebooting the PC, after rebooting, the original PC data returns to its original value
Spoofer does not remove the ban from the account, it removes the ban from your PC for the duration of the Spoofer
The spoofer needs to be run only once until the next reboot of the PC.
Before using the spoofer on a new account, be sure to create a new user in Windows, change the name of your PC in the system properties*(provided it continues to ban)
Detailed information on installation and configuration is written in the instructions for the software.


HwidSpoof PUBG Crooked
HwidSpoof PUBG Crooked


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