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Dota Melonity

Features | Caracteristicas

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
Intel & AMD
Included Spoofer


Player [Players]:
AutoSnatch - Automatic theft of items;
Auto Control - Uses abilities and items on enemies under the effect of control to extend it;
ProCast Damage - Display an exclamation mark next to the hero if the ability damage is enough to kill;
Global Failswitch - Prevents incorrect ability clicks;
Auto Buy Tome - Automatic purchase of king experience (Tome of Knowledge);
Items Helper - A script that helps in the use of some items, for example Armlet abuse, etc.;
Blink Spam - Automatically uses blink after cooldown if you hold down its bind;
KillStealer - Automatic addition of the enemy with the help of items / abilities;
Hp-Mp Abuse - Automatically throwing items on the ground (Or shifting through a backpack) when using items to restore HP / MP to restore a large amount of Health / Mana;
Illusion Splitter - When holding the key, sends illusions in different directions, follows the cursor in the main character (Thus does not let the enemy know where the hero is);
Hit & Run - The script automates the "hit -> run" mechanics. The script will move the character behind the cursor or towards the enemy in the interval between attacks without spending dps;
Pick Helper - This script will help you to automatically pick the desired hero, automatically choose your favorite line, ban the hero, as well as send any desired message to the chat;
Shop Helper - The script will help you buy the necessary item at the touch of a button, as well as automatically deliver them using a courier;
Tree Destroyer - Automatically breaks a tree placed by the enemy;

Map [Map]:
MiniMap Ally Helper - The script is intended for your allies, when you use it for your allies, various actions will be automatically indicated on the minimap (For example: Enemy teleports are drawn);
Rune Status - The script will inform you about the current rune status. (Have they been picked up, notify you of their imminent appearance, etc.);
Ward Helper - Will display tips for you on places to install wards;

ESP [Display]:
Visible by Enemy - Displays a custom effect around you (Particle) if enemy heroes see you, also displays the True Sight effect (If you are standing under a sentry / gem);
MapHack - A script that displays information about enemy heroes in the fog of war, based on the used abilities, teleports, attacks of neutral creeps, etc.;
Show Hidden Spells - Display hidden abilities (For example: Invoker's SunStrike highlight);
Ward Tracker - Displays the wards placed by the enemy;
Experience ESP - By the amount of experience gained for creeps, determines whether there are still enemy heroes within a radius of 1500. Shows the effect on enemies;
Show Cleared Camps - Script hides the camp icon from the minimap if it is protected by an enemy in the fog of war;
Illusion ESP - Illumination of a real hero, as well as highlighting illusions in any desired color;
Show Dropped Items - The script will draw the position of items;
Jungle Helper - Draws lines of routes that can be passed in the forests, on the side lanes;
Show Courier - The script automatically calculates the trajectory of the enemy courier and displays it on the minimap (Works if the courier was seen);
Respawn MapHack - The script displays the estimated position and timer before the respawn of the characters on the enemy fountain;
Ability Alerts (Minimap) - Displays various events on the map (For example: Setting a Templar Assasin trap);

Safeguard [Miscellaneous]:
Auto Dodge - The script automatically dodges or uses an item/ability to avoid an enemy initiation/use of an ability/item;
Auto Saver - Saves allies from lethal damage from abilities, stuns, ults;
Aggressive Disabler - The script will automatically throw the selected disables at enemies within the radius of the selected abilities;
Auto Disabler - Automatically disables the enemy during his initiation (For example: Uses a hex on him);

Information [Information]:
Info Screen (Beta);
AlternativeOverlay - Infoscreen for weak PCs;
ItemPanel - Display enemy items in a separate panel;
MMR Tracking - Displays information about the number of received / lost PTS per game;
Notification - Notifies you of various events, as well as displays information about the time of the appearance of the roshan and the status of the enemy glyph;
Range Display - Display of various radii, for example: Blink Dagger cast radius, specific ability cast radius, etc.;
Show Buff / Debuff - Displays the effects that act on the enemy, as well as their duration;
Player Pick Analytics - At the pick stage, displays a panel with player statistics;

Aggro/Deaggro - Script for "Agra" enemy creeps on your character by pressing the bind. And removing "aggro" from your character if he is attacked by an enemy tower;
Units Auto Push/Farm - Using the Push / Farm jungle keys, you can send all controlled units to put out lanes or farm jungles;
Jungle AFK Bot - Script for automatic forest farming;
Auto Neutrals - Script to help control tamed creeps;
Auto Stack - Script for automatic stacking of forest camps by controlled units;
Creep Position - Displays the current location of lane creeps on the minimap;
Pull Helper - Script for automatically pulling small jungle creeps to lane creeps;
Creep Block - By holding the key, the script will automatically stop allied creeps with your hero or the selected unit;
Enemy Block - Script for blocking an enemy character with available units by holding the bind;
Auto Last Hit - Script for automatic killing of creeps;
Last Hit Indicator - The script displays a pop-up icon of the character that finished him off above the creep;
Last Hit Markers - Displays various information on lane creeps (For example: Last Hit ID);
Stack Helper - Displays tips on jungle creeps (Time to stack, which creeps will spawn next);

Spam Roll - The script will write "/roll" to the chat without stopping;
Bad Guy - The script is designed for ruin games;

General [Main]:
Tree Changer - The script replaces the standard tree models with any models from the list;
Dota Plus - Script to unlock "Dota +";
Inventory Changer - Script to unlock all cosmetic items;
Force Sv Cheats - Makes DotA think that sv_cheats is enabled (Eg for some console commands);
Camera Hack - Script for moving the camera to the desired distance;
Auto Accept - Automatic acceptance of the match;
Auto High Five - The script will automatically "High Five" to an ally or enemy;
T1 Glyph - The script automatically uses Glyph if the very first T1 is on the verge of destruction. As soon as the first T1 is destroyed, the dota will refresh Glyph's cooldown;
Auto Queue - Script to automatically start searching for the next game;
Fountain Bug Fix - Fixes a ban that caused summoned creatures to have fountain invulnerability and be unselectable;
Philosopher's Stone Switcher;
River Changer - Script to change the model of the river;
Rune Snatch - Script for automatic theft of runes;
Mini Games - Collection of mini-games;
Unlock all heroes (New Player) - Allows you to open all heroes for picking on a new account;
Weather Changer - Script for changing weather effects;
Auto Buy/Leveling - Script for automatic leveling of abilities and purchase of items from a quick buy;

Roll - The script sends a roll to the chat and clears it if the value is less than what is selected in the menu. The script can keep sending roll to the chat until a new value is dropped;
Back Cast - Allows you to apply some abilities (For example: Hook puja, Windranger arrow) in any direction and at the same time not turn the character in the direction of their application;
Courier - Automates some of the actions of your courier, in addition, there is the ability to set up combos through a courier;
Enemy Role - Displays the roles of enemy players (Rating);
Players in search - Players in search (When you open the search window, it will show the number of players in the search);
Show Hidden Profiles - The script unlocks the ability to view the last 8 games of any player by opening his profile in DotA;
Unlock all emotions - The script will unlock all emoticons in the chat. It will also be possible to use them in the chat wheel (Compatible with the "Dota Plus" function);
Take all tutorial awards;

Heroes [Heroes]:
combo maker;

Render - Render;
Language - Language:
- English / English;
- Russian / Russian;
- Chinese / Chinese;
Scripts - Scripts;
Configs - Configs;
Theme - Theme;
Open menu key - Button to open the menu;
Open bind list key - Button to open the bind list;
Dev mode - Developer mode;
HUD - HUD settings;
Disability Integration;
OBS Bypass - OBS Bypass for Streamers (We are the first in the world to write a full-fledged recording bypass. Now you can record videos and stream on any platform without any fear of getting blocked)


Dota Melonity
Dota Melonity


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DOTA 2 Melonity Cheat, Hack & Script - Auto Dodge, Stream Bypass, Combo Maker, Targeting, Camera Hack - CiroScript

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