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Dayz Ancient

Features | Caracteristicas

Windows 10 & 11
Intel & Amd
Works in full-screen mode.
GPT Disk format / Secure boot off / Virtualization On

- Enable Silent Aimbot
- Aim on Players
- Aim on Zombies
- HitBox (Head, Chest, Nearest)

- Enable Esp Box on Players
- Enable Esp box on Zombies
- Esp Loot
- Loot Distance
- Esp Cars
- Esp Skeleton
- Show aim position
- Enable Esp Distance
- Enable Esp Name
- Enable Esp Weapon

- Enable Speedhack
- Enable No Grass
- Enable Always Day


Dayz Ancient
Dayz Ancient


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Dayz Ancient Cheay & Hack - Aimbot, wallhack esp, no grass, speed hack, aways day - CiroScript

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