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Baneto Bot Wow

Features | Caracteristicas

Grinding, includes over 300 free profiles! + Easy profile creator + video guides
Questing, includes 1 to 12 Startzone Questers for all races + 12-30 Quester
Gathering, works with all 3 gather professions, free profiles included
Battlegrounds, all battlegrounds with different modes included for free
Dungeons, mage boosting, 5 man dungeons, all included free! + Pickpocketing
Fightrotations, works with all classes of wow + Auto Prospecting & Milling
Fully Automated Fishing Bot! (Skill, Swarm and Spot Fishing) + Baits
Profile-Editor to create Quest, Gather and Grinding Profiles + Crafting Lists
Traveling-Feature, easy to travel through azeroth with our preset locations
Goldfarming Profiles included for free + efficient flying navigation
Ticketsystem on discord for fast and organized support!
Security Features like Spot Randomization and Whisper Logging
Working Flightmaster Travel included! + Discord & Phone Connection
A small but growing and helpful community!
Youtube videos to explain the bots features & how to use it properly.
Supports the RETAIL Shadowlands and CLASSIC Clients!
Unique Drag & Drop Rotation builder called: NoRotations (NoRo)


Baneto Bot Wow
Baneto Bot Wow


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