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Arena Byster

Features | Caracteristicas

Supported game version: Game Launcher, Steam
Included spoofer: Yes
Anticheat: ACE
Stream Bypass: No
Supported game modes: Windowed
Supported CPU: Intel & AMD
Supported OC: Windows 10 (21H2-23H2), Windows 11

Ability to assign AIM keys
Psilent AIM
Silent AIMbot
Vector AIM
FOV slider
Smoothness slider
Distance slider
Aim through walls
Instant kill

Player Esp
Name display
Display of bot level
Display of boxes
Display health bar
Display of weapons in hands
Display of Skeletons
Distance slider

ITEM esp
Draw ammo count
Ammo indicator
Distance slider displaying objects
item value when hovering over the mouse in the inventory
Display price
Display corpses
Corpse distance slider
Display weapons
Display weapon modules
Display ammo
Display Armor
Display vests/bags
Display containers
Display safes
Show pockets
Show icons
Display the rest
Loot filter

Disable weapon recoil
Disable weapon wobble
Bind to call the cheat menu
Scaling changes (for 4k monitors)
Saving the config


BYSTER Cheat for Arena Breakout: Infinite
Looking for the best cheat for Arena Breakout: Infinite? Introducing BYSTER — a powerful tool that gives you an edge in the game.

With BYSTER, you get a powerful aimbot for precise targeting and instant enemy kills. Silent AIM provides hidden aiming, while Vector AIM ensures accuracy. Customize your aimbot settings for maximum efficiency.

One-Shot Kill: Instantly eliminate enemies.
Aim Through Walls: Target enemies through obstacles.
Player ESP
Player ESP provides complete information on all players: names, bot levels, health bars, weapons, and ammo. Always know who and where everyone is.

Display Names and Levels: Easily identify enemies.
Display Health and Ammo: Monitor enemy status.
ITEM ESP shows important items on the map, assesses their value, and helps you make quick decisions. Loot filter allows you to find only the necessary items.

Display Item Value: Instantly know the worth of loot.
Loot Filter: Show only needed items.
BYSTER includes features for a more comfortable game: no weapon recoil, quick search, and 4K monitor support.

No Recoil: Shoot accurately without jerks.
4K Support: Enjoy clear visuals on high-quality displays.
BYSTER is your key to dominating Arena Breakout: Infinite. Gain an advantage today!


Arena Byster
Arena Byster


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