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Apex Collapse

Features | Caracteristicas

Game Version | Game version: Origin, Steam
Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10 (version all) [Corporate Windows is not supported]
Supported processors | Supports Processors: Intel, AMD
Supported Modes | Supported modes: Bolderless, Windowed
Anticheat | Anti-cheat: EAC
bypassing the recording stream: ✔

Functional | Functional:


Active - Enable player esp
Box - Highlighting players with squares
Name - Highlighting the nickname of the Players
Weapon - Illumination of weapons in the hands of Players
Glow - Highlighting the player with a fill
Status - Highlighting the player's status (knocked out or not)
Distance - Illumination of distance to players and selection of distance of illumination of players
Health - Highlighting and choosing the location of the armor and health bar

Active - Enable loot esp
Box - Highlighting players with squares
Name Name of the loot
Weapn - Weapon Highlight
Ammo- Ammo illumination
Heal - Medicine Highlight
Equipment - Highlighting helmets and armor
Grenade - Illuminated grenades
Attachement - Illumination of attachments for weapons
Min lvl - Select the minimum level for highlighting loot
Distance - Highlighting the distance to the loot and choosing the distance for highlighting the loot

Active - Enable loot esp
Dead Box - Corpses of players
Distance - Illumination of the distance to corpses and selection of the distance of illumination of corpses

Active - enable aim
Bind - Aim button selection
Visible check - Check for visibility
Fov - Aimbot pickup radius
Distance - the distance of the aimbot
Smooth - Smooth aiming aimbot
Bone - Selecting the aim button

Draw FOV - Show the focusing radius
Draw Crosshair - Crosshair centered on screen
RCS - Weapon Recoil Control 0-100%

Visible Player - Changes the colors of visible players
Hidden Player - Changes to colors of invisible players
Crosshair - Crosshair Color Changes
Fov - Changes the fov color of the circle


Apex Collapse
Apex Collapse


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