Necessario USB pendrive para executar a partir dele.

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3 Days

7 Days

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  • TYPE: Multihack

  • Works on systems: Windows 10 1803 - 2004

  • For the cheat to work, you need a USB drive [In common people - a flash drive]


Description of menu functions:


  • Box (Squares)

  • Role (Enemy class)

  • Distance (Distance to the enemy)

  • Armor (opponent's armor)

  • SnapLines (Lines to the opponent)

  • Skelet


AIMBOT: (Can turn off after rollers)

  • Aim Bone

  • AimKey (Button Select)

  • Aim Marker (Shows the point where the AIM will shoot)

  • Fov Value (Select AIM Radius)

  • Fov Circle

  • Smootch Speed

  • Priority By (Select a priority closer to the scope or by distance)



  • Enemy Dist (Distance of work ESP)

  • Players Color

  • Bots Color

Videos / Fotos


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