Aimbot, norecoil, visuals e settings.

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* Ao comprar você entende que é proibido o uso de cheats e que as vezes a detecção acontece!
* Cheat com um bom preço para tantas funções



Windows 10 64bit - (1607 - 20h2)

Intel and amd


  • Enable

  • Limits:

  • Radius

  • Speed

  • Goal:

  • Bone

  • Button



  • Recoil control [Works only with aim, will not relieve you of 100% recoil]

  • Wiggle Control

  • Prediction



  • Boxes (2D, 2D angular, 3D)

  • Skeleton

  • A circle

  • Lines

  • Distance

  • Player name

  • HP (Text, Barom)

  • Team number



  • Saving settings

  • Ru / En language

  • Vertical sync

  • Draw sight

  • Overlay stroke

  • Overlay info

  • Unload cheat

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